Wednesday, April 13, 2016

tatami EXPO

t a t a m i EXPO

3/31から、東急プラザ銀座7Fにて、”HANDS EXPO (ハンズエキスポ)” の空間に特化した
期間限定ライン ”t a t a m i EXPO (タタミエキスポ)” として出展します。
各メンバーがセレクトした “『新しい』古いモノ” をお楽しみください。 

For this time only from Mar 31, we specially set up the new line, “t a t a m i EXPO”, tuning in to such broad ("pop"?) style and the surrounding view here in HANDS EXPO, Tokyu Plaza Ginza ( 7F. Through this line, we would be glad if you could tap the source of “high and raw” inspirations of such Japanese art. For more variety of items, please visit our website and feel free to inquire us. Enjoy.

t a t a m i